England Golf and UKGCOA announce tax working group

England Golf

England Golf and the UK Golf Course Owners Association (UKGCOA) have announced they have formed a joint taxation working group with the aim of achieving a fairer tax system for golf clubs.

The working group has been set up to consider and discuss the options to obtain an equitable taxation system for golf facilities irrespective of their ownership status and is to be chaired by David Croxton, a England Golf Board Director and the owner of Cold Ashby Golf Club.

Croxton commented, “Current EU directives lead to VAT being applied differently to proprietary clubs and private member clubs and as a result these directives are being challenged by various parties in the industry. In order to reach the best outcome and establish a constructive dialogue with Government decision makers we believe that all sectors of Golf Club ownership should be represented on the working group.”

The group has been set up at a time when a series of taxation cases affecting golf are being addressed by tribunals and tax in sport is being closely addressed.   The working group includes proprietary club owners and managers together with representatives of England Golf including the Chief Executive, John Petrie.  It will be an inclusive group and involve others able to contribute expertise to taxation challenges facing golf.

Jerry Kilby, Executive Director of UKGCOA said, “We are delighted to support this initiative and thank England Golf for the opportunity to contribute.  We believe it is important the golf industry present a united front when addressing critical issues, particularly those that have legal and financial implications. A collaborative approach is more likely to realize the outcome best for our game.”

England Golf has provided significant funds in bringing the Chipping Sodbury GC vs HMRC case to tribunal and is committed to ensuring legal issues highlighted by this case are properly aired.  In addition, both parties have also taken part in constructive discussions with the Sports and Recreation Alliance.

John Petrie added, “Both the UKGCOA and England Golf agree that by working together with a common objective we are more likely to achieve the desired result of fairer tax for golf. England Golf is best placed in the sport to work on tax related issues with other sports, the Sports and Recreation Alliance and relevant government departments.  There is a much better chance of achieving a fairer tax status by working with the whole sporting sector, than by golf seeking to be considered a special case.  This is a great example when golf’s governing body and the representative organisation for golf course proprietors can help bring about benefits to the industry as a whole.”