David Cederholm to attempt Guinness World Record!

David Cederholm is gearing up to set a new Guinness World Record this Sunday (28 November) for the number of golf shots hit into a target area by an individual within a 24-hour period.

The avid golfer is aiming to hit more than 10,392 golf balls on the driving range at Woodhall Spa to beat the current record set by David Ogron in Kansas City, USA, an outstanding feat which has stood since 22 June 2002.

To beat the record, it entails hitting at least one counting shot in under 8 seconds within the target area defined as a minimum of 100 yards from the front of the tee line and a thirty-degree arc of the centre point (26 yards either side of centre).

David, based at The Wirral in Cheshire, is attempting this for a reason more than just to go down in the record books.

Earlier this year, he received the devastating news that at the age of just 35, a former colleague and very close friend had been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma, a very aggressive and incurable form of cancer that starts in the brain.

“The world record is purely secondary to raising the much-needed funds for such a devastating illness to offer some support to the family affected and the charity supporting research into it.”

Just before receiving the diagnosis, his friend Peter and his wife had found out they were expecting their first child. Their daughter Cece arrived in September and is very happy and healthy.

“The heart-breaking reality is she will grow up without knowing her father and having that support,” added David.

“Peter has been exceptionally brave through all of this and has responded really well to all of the treatment he’s been going through, but to know in the back of our minds that all care is palliative, and nothing can be done long term is such a sorry situation.

“When adversity happens, I’ve always been amazed by how communities rally together and straightaway Peter’s rugby club began running ‘KMs for Kerr’ raising a fantastic amount for the Lewis Moody Foundation and to support Peter’s family.

“I’ve never been much of a runner, but I wanted to contribute in some way which led to me looking at golf-based challenges, so I read up on Guinness World Record attempts and said, ‘I reckon I can do that’ and now here we are!”

Hitting consecutive golf shots over a 24-hour period is going to be demanding task for David, with plenty of not only physical, but also mental challenges along the way.

“Discussing this challenge with a personal trainer, they worked out the calorie burn is going to be like running two marathons within 24 hours.

“I’ve worked out the type of shot that requires the least effort to guarantee reaching 100 yards but without actually doing the record attempt in full there’s no way of knowing for sure I can do it…I didn’t want to do this twice!

“Having said that though, the biggest challenge will probably be the mental side of it, staying focused and concentrated on something so repetitive for that length of time!”

It has taken months of preparation to get to this point, with lots of golf balls hit in the process.

Speaking about his readiness for the challenge, David joked: “I’ve been doing a lot of exercise and hitting a lot of golf balls!

“I’ve been hitting the gym to make sure I get as prepared physically as I can. I’ve had to convince myself it’s possible to hit the shots at the speed required for long periods too, I’m averaging about 34 minutes per 500 shots now and if I can keep this up on the day, I’ll have at least some time to rest and maybe even a little sleep!

“A factor I hadn’t considered before practicing for this was that golf gloves alone wouldn’t be enough to stop blistering on my hands, so I now know where I’ll need strategically placed plasters and tape.”

As if the physical and mental challenges weren’t already going to be difficult enough to overcome, David has the small matter of worrying about the birth of his third child to think about!

“One small fear in the back of my mind for the day is we’re fast approaching the due date for my wife to give birth to our third child.

“There’s still a couple of weeks to go but our second daughter came along a little early, so I’m hoping I don’t get the call before 4pm on the 29th!”

The attempt will take place on the driving range at Woodhall Spa, using the facilities on offer at the National Golf Centre and David has been overwhelmed by the support from everyone at the club and England Golf.

“Woodhall Spa have been superb in offering to use their fantastic facility for this challenge.

“All of amenities on offer at the National Golf Centre are going to be so important to keep myself and the support team around the event going.

“I can’t thank them enough for closing access to the driving range for the time the challenge requires and the support that particularly Richard and Adam are providing to make the event happen.

“I’ve been blown away by their generosity and effort they’re putting behind this, I only hope now I succeed so it’s all been worth it!”

Everyone at England Golf wishes David all the best in his quest for the world record this Sunday!