USGA Course Rating

England Golf have now started to rate all the courses in England under the USGA Course Rating System.

All clubs will be rated in the next 5/7 years and then every 10 years following the initial rate, unless changes have been made to the course, such as new holes or an increase in length.

Each County is planning its own ratings, and if you wish to find out when your course will be done please contact your local County Union or Association.

If you have any other questions about course rating please contact:

Golf Club Information

A Golf Club information sheet is available and can be downloaded form the right of this page. This identifies the process involved in assessing the course for a SSS and what changes to your golf course may effect the SSS.


Please note, the course rating system is restricted to members of England Golf Course Rating Teams and operates in conjunction with the USGA Course Rating System.

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