Cosby crowned champions after rain stops play

2014 Junior Club Champions - Cosby Golf Club

Cosby from Leicestershire and Rutland have won the Junior Champion Club Tournament without striking a ball today. The remnants of Hurricane Bertha were to blame after it left the Bracken Course unplayable, forcing officials to abandon the round after less than three hours play.

Persistent heavy rain from a dark gray sky following an overnight downpour left the fairways waterlogged and only half the field had begun their second rounds when a halt was called.

“The continual rain left the fairways unplayable,” said chief referee Michael Rees. “If the rain had stopped we might have been able to resume. But it would have taken more than an hour to clear the surface water.

“The greens were fine but the fairways were the problem. What’s more, the forecast was for more rain and some of the teams had a long way to travel home. So I had to make a decision which was a pity.”

But that didn’t worry the Cosby trio (image © Leaderboard Photography), who had afternoon start times, although they were disappointed they were unable to add to their opening 72 Stableford points.

“We weren’t expecting play to be cancelled,” said Stuart Kinnaird, who returned 36 points in round one. “We knew the weather was going to be poor but I was looking to put in another good round. Having said that, we are overwhelmed to win a national championship.”

Ross Murgatroyd, who also returned a first round 36 points, added: “I am shocked this has turned out this way. We were last off in the afternoon and expecting to be out there again.

“Our club has reached three finals this year and we have won the first of the trio. I think this is the first time our club has won anything like this.”

The third member of the team, Matt Jones said: “I had the worst round yesterday and was looking to make up for it today. So I need to thank the other lads for helping me out.”

Although they finished round one on 71 points along with three other teams, Tiverton took second place because their non-scoring member, Grace Jackson, scored 32 points. This was one more than Huxley Howell of Saltford who were third.