Congratulations to Peggy on 80 years of membership

Peggy and Nick Durant Northampton GC

Congratulations to Peggy Durant who has just completed 80 years of membership at Northampton Golf Club.

The milestone was marked by almost 50 women members who played a nine-hole event and attended an afternoon tea in Peggy’s honour, where she was presented with a memento by ladies’ captain Liz Mulliner.

Peggy, who will be 94 next week, joined the club on 27 November 1937 when the subscription was around £3.10shillings, or £3.50.

Her father, Fed Whiting, was club captain in 1941 and Peggy and her late husband, Charles, followed in his footsteps in 1972 when they were both captains in the same year. It was the first time the club had had husband-and-wife captains. Their son, Nick, follows the family tradition and, having joined as a junior, has already clocked up over 50 years of membership.

Peggy still volunteers regularly during club events, helping with registration and scoring. During her own playing days Peggy got down to 10 handicap and has great memories of helping to win team events, as well as individual successes.

Over the years she has seen many changes, including the obvious alterations to dress codes and equipment. When Peggy started playing there were only a handful of clubs in her county but over the years the game has opened up to many more people with more venues, different types of membership and pay as you go opportunities.

Golf clubs are urged these days to focus on retaining club members and Peggy is happy to share the secret of why she’s stayed at Northampton Golf Club for eight decades and has never considered another club.

“The celebration says it all – I’m sure there are no end of clubs that would extend similar honours to a senior member but the friendliness here always feels special,” she said.

  • Peggy will have to maintain her membership for another couple of years to beat the record established by the late Geoffrey Crosskill who entered the Guinness Book of Records in June 2016 after completing 82 years and 18 days’ membership at Eaton Golf Club, Norfolk.

Caption: Peggy Durant, with her son, Nick, cuts an anniversary cake (Image courtesy Dennis Tyrrell)