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Why good environmental management makes sense

Sustainable golf

Golf can be a real force for good. It’s great for health and wellbeing and it can also show the world what good environmental management looks like.

Aside from doing your bit for the planet, going green has plenty of other benefits. It can save a typical club around £30,000 a year. There are reduced operational risks and insurance discounts. Less pollution and chance of prosecution. Not to mention the improvements you’ll see in your reputation.

Become a GEO Certified Club

Golf can be a leader in sustainable sport and business, universally valued for its positive role for nature and people. Now, as sustainability concerns and expectations rise across all aspects of life, the golf community is well positioned to contribute more, for the welfare of nature and communities… and for the good of the game.

Here’s six reasons for golf clubs to embrace sustainability with the GEO Foundation:

  1. Greenkeepers can prioritise: Naturalising some areas means greenkeepers can focus on the areas that matter most – tees, fairways, greens and bunkers
  2. Join the best of the best: Some of the worlds more revered courses are the most natural! Why is that?
  3. Enhanced experience: Natural vegetation can add colour, texture and stimulation, enhancing the golfing landscape
  4. A stronger club going forward: Maintenance savings help with overall profitability of the club, and can be allocated to other essential maintenance and future investments
  5. Longer-term protection: Helping the club overcome challenges, such as drainage, flooding, extreme heat and drought, and opening possibilities for grants for natural solutions to wider problems
  6. Pride and reputation: Naturalising the golfing landscape and boosting biodiversity can help transform image and generate pride and positive publicity amongst members and the community.

Click here for more information on how to become a GEO certified club.


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