BT employees get a taste for golf

BT employees

BT employees in the north east have offered a ringing endorsement of the national drive to encourage more people into golf.

And the company says it is not just the individuals who are benefitting, but their business too.

BT decided to promote golf to the company’s employees after reading about its impressive physical and mental wellbeing benefits.

The company learnt about the sport’s benefits and the work of the Get into golf campaign in a British Heart Foundation health-for-work newsletter.

It seemed perfect for BT’s Fit for Life programme, designed to help BT employees become healthy and active, raise money for charity and help in the community.

“A round of golf can involve walking up to five miles (10k) and burning around 900 calories. Golf also helps you relax, reduces stress and encourages you to spend time with friends out in the fresh air,” says BT senior nursing advisor Jo Jenkins

“This can help those who work at BT feel more energised, fit and healthy which can only be positive. Golf can also create good working relationships by encouraging bonding away from the office environment.”

Get into golf set up a BT after-work taster event for employees at the company’s Newcastle office. It took place at City of Newcastle Golf Club and was run by PGA pro Steve McKenna through the Northumberland Golf Development Group.

The event was attended by 17 employees from BT; some had played golf before while others were completely new to the game.

Steve taught the group the basics of golf, including arm motion, or ‘swing’, and how it controls the direction of the ball. They also learned to hold the club, known as the ‘grip’. They tried their hand at hitting some balls with a 7-iron on the driving range.

Paul Whittaker, the Northumberland County Development Officer, took the group on the putting green for a fun competition to see who could putt around five holes using the least amount of strokes.

The event finished with refreshments in the clubhouse while Paul talked about the follow-on opportunities of a five-week beginner course for just £25.

Steve McKenna commented:  “This type of activity is a great way to sow the seeds to a healthier lifestyle through golf.”

Get into golf is the national campaign to inspire adults to take up golf, run by England Golf and supported by Sport England National Lottery funding.

For more information visit or call 0800 118 2766