Beamish Park tickled pink after going ‘green’

Beamish Park GC in Durham has set the example for others to follow by going ‘green’ and winning a local environmental award.

The club has embraced a wide range of initiatives designed to reduce its carbon footprint, saving money at the same time as conserving energy.

New ‘hot roof’ insulation for the clubhouse and the replacement of 600 halogen bulbs with LED fitments helped drastically cut energy bills.

The club’s endeavours were recently recognised by Durham County Council at their Environmental Partnership ceremony.

As a direct result of adopting energy-efficient practices all across the business, Beamish Park has seen quarterly energy bills tumble by 39% and reduced CO2 emissions by 13.7 tonnes.

Jonathan Ward, Durham county golf secretary, praised Beamish Park for blazing a trail for others to follow not only in the county but across England as a whole.

He said: “It’s great to see a local club being so progressive in its outlook and investing for the future.

“Clearly, they have taken a long-term view which is not always easy to do in an era when so many clubs have to work towards short-term goals.

“However, the results their changes have produced ought to be applauded and act as encouragement for other clubs thinking of adopting a similar approach.”

Projects underway for 2020 include replacing LPG buggies with electric and an upgrade of office computer systems as well as a feasibility study for increased solar panelling.