#WhyIGolf: Thank you, Lyndsey!

#WhyIGolf: Thank you, Lyndsey!

As Women and Girls’ Golf Week 2019 draws to a close, we already know it has been a huge hit across the United Kingdom.

It has already created millions of impressions and is well on course to having an even greater impact than it did when it was inaugurated 12 months ago.

The R&A, the home Unions, the European Tour, the Ladies European Tour, the Professional Golfers Association and the Golf Foundation have all played a huge part in its success but one individual who has done more than most to put it on the map is England Golf’s Lyndsey Hewison.

Lyndsey recently retired after many years working as Press Officer for England Golf but has left an indelible imprint on the Week.

In a past life as a newspaper journalist for the Eastern Daily Press in Norfolk she attended the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer back in 1981 to write a colour piece about the day for her paper.

She also got the chance to fly in a Jaguar fighter jet while working on another newspaper story but it would be fair to say Lyndsey approached no assignment with as much enthusiasm as Women and Girls’ Golf Week.

Lyndsey played golf for Norfolk before she joined the-then English Ladies’ Golf Association back in 1983 so she knows a thing or two about the game and she understood immediately just what Women’s and Girls’ Golf Week could accomplish for golf in England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

She was one of the first people to endorse it when the concept was first mooted ahead of last year’s launch and one of her last tasks before retiring was to ensure everything was in place for this year’s activities.

“She has been one of the key figures in telling the stories to celebrate and challenge the misconceptions surround women’s golf,” explained Toni Zverblis, England Golf’s Corporate and Events Manager. “She is the one to provide us with a voice to promote women and girls’ golf.

“She’s completed all the interviews and produced all the news content and sat on the R&A Comms Group which is designed to unify the message across the home unions.

“Her contacts have also been invaluable in drumming up support from many of the leading figures in the game.”

“She has been a massive asset and it feels strange that she has not been around this week,” agreed Toni’s colleague, Lauren Spray, England Golf’s Women and Girls Manager.

“We’ve definitely missed her!”

Many of those reading this article and the individuals featured this week will have crossed paths with Lyndsey in the past.

So Lyndsey, from everyone who has had the pleasure of working alongside you over the years, from all those you’ve championed, written about, interviewed and laughed with, thank you, truly, for everything and we hope you have a wonderful, long and happy retirement!