#WhyIGolf 2020 – my love for the sport drew me back

With a family that all play golf, my interest in the sport started early. I started to play more competitively through my teenage years, and as my game improved these competitions became more serious and took me further afield! I loved being around the sport and took up a sales position at American Golf before going on to complete my PGA Qualification whilst working at my home club – Woburn. Like several of my peers, after a decade of competitive golf, followed by an intense period of academic study of the sport, I took a short break from the game, heading to Australia to really ensure the maximum possible distance between me and my golf clubs!

However, I knew that my love for the sport would eventually draw me back, and over the last three years I’ve combined my love of golf and travel in my current job at Golfbreaks as Tournaments and Events Manager. In this role I’m fortunate to witness people ticking off their bucket list of seeing some of the best golfers in the world compete at the sports most iconic venues. Being able to spend time at events such as The Ryder Cup, The Masters, The Open and The Solheim Cup regularly is an amazing experience.

Over the past few years, we’ve grown the tournaments team at Golfbreaks, with the all-female team all of similar age and golfing abilities. It makes working on these events feel even more enjoyable when you can do it with other women who are closer to friends than colleagues! Outside our day to day roles in organising our tournament packages, we have arranged a myriad of events for the other women who work at Golfbreaks (aided by our in-office golf simulator and a glass or two of fizz!), trying to help others to get as much enjoyment out of the sport as we have.

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been taking part in the R&A’s Women in Golf leadership program which has been an incredible experience;  getting to know like-minded women in different sides of the industry working and developing our skills together with the backing of amazing sponsors and mentors. Having role models and inspirational people in the industry is so important.

Although our company has strong female representation across the departments, I can often find myself as the only female in the room in meetings outside of the business. However, the mutual passion for the sport that I find in almost all of my day-to-day conversations has lessened the potential negative impact of this, and I find myself viewed more simple as just another passionate golfer, rather than an outsider. Working in a sport that I play has meant that over the years I’ve made more friends due to the common interest and plenty of industry connections that I’ve played with have become good friends. It’s a brilliant industry for networking.

Whilst travel around the world has been on hold as of late, I’ve been enjoying playing more golf than I have in years and taking staycations across the UK! Spending time with friends outdoors has always been my favourite thing about the sport, and the brilliant weather we’ve been experiencing since restrictions on golf were eased have made getting out and playing more enjoyable than ever!