Supporting your volunteers

Supporting your volunteers

Make your volunteers feel valued from day one

Induction for new volunteers

When you recruit a volunteer it’s important to spend time with them so they understand your club and their responsibilities.

We recommend you give new volunteers an induction or handover tailored to their role. It’s quick and easy to plan this session using our guidance template.

Resources and training

At England Golf, we’ve designed a range of events and workshops to help volunteers boost their skills. You’ll find lots of advice on our training page.

They’ll also be able to get support from other organisations, including our County Unions/Associations and the Golf Foundation.

Volunteer peer support

From our research, we’ve found volunteers value learning from each other. That’s why we support the Chair Network which provides a forum where people can share ideas and information. We plan to develop similar support for other roles.

Remember to say thank you

Through our research, we’ve found saying thank you can have a big impact on retaining volunteers.

Here at England Golf we’re happy to write to your volunteers to thank them for their contribution to growing the game. Just tell us who you’d like to recognise in this way. We can also share your stories on our social media.

To show your volunteers they’re valued, you could:

  • Share stories on your social media or website
  • Hold events for volunteers
  • Mention their hard work at your events or awards evenings
  • Create a Club Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Send birthday and Christmas cards

Nominate your volunteers

We think one of the best ways to recognise the hard work of volunteers is to run award ceremonies.

Our England Golf Awards take place annually. You can nominate volunteers for three categories:

  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Lifetime Service Award
  • Young Ambassador of the Year

Each autumn we’ll invite you to nominate volunteers and the winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony in the spring.

There are plenty of other award events where you can nominate volunteers. Counties, district councils and county sports partnerships are some of the organisations that hold these.