Qualifying scores and competitions

Qualifying scores and competitions

Competitions that affect handicaps

Scores that are returned from qualifying competitions are used to adjust your handicap.

The CONGU Unified Handicapping System gives England Golf the authority to restrict competitions that may be recognised for handicapping purposes.

To help players and clubs, we issue a list of organisations that can run qualifying competitions every year.

Some events are not recognised as qualifying competitions, including:

  • Overseas competitions
  • Professional events including any qualifying competition/school

Although there are some exceptions such as:

  • Regional and final qualifying for all R&A championships, such as The Open
  • The Seniors Open Championship
  • The Ricoh Women’s British Open and selected LET Access events

Preferred Lies

The England Golf Preferred Lies period runs from 1 October 2019 until 30 April 2020.

England Golf will not be issuing a national extension beyond 30 April 2020.

However, counties can provide local guidance on any extensions up to Friday 31 May 2020, and clubs should be asked to consider the need for Preferred Lies on a weekly basis.