Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures

What to consider, from fire evacuation to wet weather


Protecting children and adults at risk is everyone’s responsibility. You should have a welfare officer and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check for anyone working in regulated activity.

Read our advice on safeguarding for more information.

On the course

Wet and winter conditions can be a problem for disabled golfers. Some members need a buggy or a trolley so you should make plans for them during bad weather.

A policy covering this will add value to their membership. Contact clubsupport@englandgolf.org if you want help drawing one up.

Another simple idea is to create a 9-hole standard scratch score. By running shorter competitions you will reduce wear on the course during bad weather, while still encouraging people to keep playing.

In the clubhouse

Whether they’re players or visitors for an event, you need to consider people’s needs in your buildings. Do your fire evacuation plans consider disabled people?

If you need to update your policies, you might want to contact XACT, an England Golf preferred partner, for extra support.