Disability golf events

Disability golf events

Experience events designed for the disabled community

At England Golf, we want to help you feel comfortable and part of your local club, but we know that there may be questions that only other disabled golfers can answer. And meeting people at events is a great place to start!

Whether you’re new to the game or your life circumstances have recently changed, we understand that you might want to play with people who are a similar ability to you and who share your experiences.

Perhaps you want to ask other amputees about how they take care of their prosthesis. Maybe you want to meet other deaf or hearing impaired people.

There are many events for disabled people including the English Open Amateur for golfers with a disability will be part of the England Golf Competitions programme. You could be eligible to play if you are a golf club member.

You could also take part in the range of competitions, club and team events run by the championships team.

The organisations below offer a range of events for groups. Some are more competitive than others, but they’re all happy to answer your questions.