Alan lands a Plumb title as Volunteer of the Year

Alan Plumb’s happy knack of combining his knowledge, enthusiasm and spirit of bonhomie with his love for the game made him a deserved winner of the Volunteer of the Year category at the 2022 England Golf Awards.

At Strawberry Hill Golf Club in Middlesex, Alan is recognised as the ‘go to’ guy for members and staff alike whenever there is a question to be asked or an issue to be resolved.

Alan’s involvement at the club ranges from the juniors to the seniors and every stop in between.

He plays an influential role in Strawberry Hill’s ‘Get into Golf’ programme as well as the running of the academy.

Alan’s work on a schools’ programme has also seen him devote time and energy to a project at a local venue for children with special needs.

And at the other range of the age spectrum, Alan has played a key part in rolling out the welcome mat for golfers aligned to ‘Age Concern’.

As a past captain and member of the board, Alan is part of the furniture at Strawberry Hill and widely recognised by his peers as the ultimate volunteer.

Even the minor inconvenience of a replacement hip has not deterred Alan from serving his beloved Strawberry Hill.

If there’s a job needing done in the clubhouse or a member of the greens staff requiring assistance with divoting, then he will always be the first to raise a hand.

“It started a few years ago,” added Alan after being named as the winner. “When you leave work you realise that you have transferable skills.

“I started coaching and helping our fantastic junior organiser with some of her projects and summer golf camps for our juniors.

“Then I was organising coaching for adult beginners and that morphed into our academy which we started five years ago. We now have 50 members and you get involved in all sorts of things – the list is endless.

“Golf is like a board game – it’s for everyone from 8 to 80! We start young with the juniors – about five or six. With Age Concern they have someone my age there to make them feel comfortable!

“We do work with all ages and it’s fantastic to see adult beginners develop. That’s the most rewarding thing of all.”

Alan also admitted that he gets great backing from his family in all he does.

“I do get a lot of support from home for what I do – and this work does get me out of a lot of decorating!” he joked.