Welcome & Introduction

Welcome & Introduction

Golf club membership should be a lifelong partnership, but for many new golfers it can be a short-lived experience at a golf club, however by investing time and money in new members, golf clubs can ensure that members remain loyal and supportive. 

The importance of providing new members with a structured induction to both the club and the game should not be underestimated. 

As part of Section 6, England Golf have created the following resources:

  • Welcome Booklet – download
  • A generic booklet for new golf club members and players, detailing the fundamentals of golf and golf club membership. Should your golf club wish to produce their own Welcome Booklet using this generic text, please download the text in Word format.
  • Tee to Green Introductory Programme – download.
  • A structured, flexible programme which golf clubs can use to support new golfers to develop as players and members.
  • Golf Rules and Golf Etiquette pocket reminders - download Golf Rules, and here to download the Golf Etiquette.

This section of the Toolkit includes information on:

  • The benefits of an induction programme to golf clubs, members and PGA Professionals.
  • How the Tee to Green Introductory Programme works.
  • Adapting the programme and resources to suit individual golf clubs.
  • The Toolkit contains an example of each of the above resources. Further copies are available to order online in the England Golf Shop
R&R Toolkit - Section 6
  • England Golf Partnership
  • England Golf Trust
  • Sport England
  • Woodhall Spa
  • Get into Golf
  • GolfMark