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Ways to get involved with golf as a volunteer

How can I volunteer?

Why volunteer?

Giving up your time can really benefit our game. You can increase members’ confidence on the course, put plans into action or even get your hands dirty and help to improve the golf course.

And it’s good for you too! It’s been proven that volunteering has a positive effect on mental health and happiness (75% of golf volunteers agreed).

So, what’s stopping you?

Ways to get involved

You’ll need to think about what skills you could bring to a club and how much time you want to commit. There are plenty of different volunteer roles at clubs across the country, including:

  • Junior organiser – run events for children getting into the game
  • Club welfare officer – works with others at the golf club to ensure a safe and inclusive environment
  • New member buddy – help new players settle in at your club
  • Events and entertainment officer – plan events at your club such as family open days and recruitment sessions
  • Marketing and communications – develop your club’s marketing and promotional material


Once you’ve identified your skills get in touch with your local golf club and ask them if they have any opportunities available. You can search clubs close to where you live on our Find and Play.

You may also be interested in finding out about opportunities volunteering with England Golf or at major events such as The Open and on the European Tour.

Young golfers could also consider becoming a Girls Golf Rocks Ambassador or applying to be become a Young Ambassador.

Develop your skills

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. At England Golf, we offer demand-led training and education in a range of formats.

You can find these, and more free courses available, on our volunteering training page.

Volunteering Training

The impact of volunteers

Volunteers are making an impact in golf clubs across the country.

As a prime example, Links Golf Club ran a Ladies Academy Project for new golfers and recruited nearly 40 volunteers from within the club to be buddies.

They helped the new players get to know the club resulting in 29 taking up Academy Membership. You can see their story below:

You can find out more volunteer stories by watching the videos below, or submit your own great case study of a shining example at your club by contacting our Volunteer Manager:

Email your stories to our Volunteer Manager