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Create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for new golfers

Golf Buddies

Volunteer Buddies are a great way for your golf club to welcome new golfers and help them easily integrate with your current membership.

Creating a friendly atmosphere for new golfers or members is hugely important – and everyone at your club has a part to play.

You shouldn’t just rely on the hard-working professional staff as they might not always have the time to spare. A word from a friendly member and fellow golfer can also help to break the ice.

Introducing a volunteer buddy system takes this a step further. Buddies can provide the necessary comfort and advice to someone new to your club as they get into the swing of things.

There are a number of ways we can help golf clubs looking to set up a Golf Buddy Initiative:

  • Recruitment support
  • Editable posters
  • Role descriptions
  • Role guidance
  • Provision of a buddy workshop

Developing a Buddy Programme Webinar

This webinar is designed to help clubs tailor a Buddy Programme to their objectives. We share the secrets to success from golf clubs who have used buddies to convert new golfers into members and helped to improve retention. You’ll get the chance to hear from new golfers and find out about the further support available.

Develop a Buddy Programme Webinar

Get in touch with your Club Support Officer if you would like to discuss setting up a Buddy Initiative at your club. Our support, resources and training in this area are all free of charge.