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How to help new golfers or support your club

Ways to get involved

You don’t have to play golf to become a volunteer. For some roles it helps to have a knowledge of the game. But for others, it doesn’t matter because clubs need people with different skills.

What role would suit you?

You’ll need to think about what skills you could bring to a club and how much time you want to commit. There are plenty of different volunteer roles at clubs across the country, including:

  • Junior organiser – run events for children getting into the game
  • Club welfare officer – works with others at the golf club to ensure a safe and inclusive environment
  • New member buddy – help new players settle in at your club
  • Events and entertainment officer – plan events at your club such as family open days and recruitment sessions
  • Marketing and communications – develop your club’s marketing strategy and promotional material

Get involved? 

Get in touch with your local golf club and ask them if they have any opportunities available. They would love to hear from you.

You can search clubs close to where you live in our Find and Play.

Many clubs need help with marketing and communications, so experience in this area can be invaluable.

Find out how Mike helped double visitor income at his club: