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We help you get the training you need

Develop your skills

Support for new volunteers

When you start volunteering, your club should help you understand your role and explain who can offer support.

Building your skills

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills. At England Golf, we offer demand-led training and education in a range of formats. If you would like support in your role get in touch with your local Club Support Officer to discuss your needs.’

Develop your skills

We have three new workshops for volunteers who welcome and support new players and members at their club.

  • Golf Heroes Workshop: Become a champion of your golf facility and help new golfers have a great experience.
  • Buddy Workshop: Discover how to support the journey of new golfers and members, helping them to feel comfortable and enjoy their time at the club.
  • Young Leader Session: Help other young people to love golf as much as you do and get an introduction to supporting activity.

We now also have an eLearning Version of the Golf Heroes Workshop which is ideal for any volunteers involved in supporting and recruiting new golfers and members. The interactive session takes about 40 minutes to complete and it is free of charge.

Access online training

To access the courses, all you need to do is complete the self-registration form by clicking the link above, use the code volunteers and the information will be sent directly to your inbox.

Further information for the workshops is available to download by scrolling down this page.

If you would like to host a workshop at your club or attend one in your area please get in touch with your local Club Support Officer.