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Why good environmental management makes sense

Sustainable golf

England Golf recognises sustainability as a crucial priority and acknowledges the role that golf has to play in the global sustainability effort.

With over 2200 golf courses across the country representing an area of over 1,250km² which is equivalent to the area of the Lake District National Park, we have a responsibility to work on the positive contributions that golf can have on the environment, society and the economy.

The benefits of being more sustainable are endless, with some of the main advantages including protecting nature, reducing resource consumption, financial savings and improving reputation.

Good environmental and resource management is crucial for the longevity of the game and the success of golf clubs. Everyone involved in golf has a role to play in ensuring that the impacts the sport has are increasingly positive.

We at England Golf are here to help golfers, clubs and counties become more sustainable. Stay tuned for more information and resources to come on this critical topic!

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Here are 5 reasons for golf clubs to embrace sustainability:

  1. Long-term protection: taking action now in the face of changing weather patterns and changing legislation will save you time and money in the future, meaning that the club will be resilient and thrive.
  2. Ecological benefits: golf courses are often the only greenspace in largely concrete landscapes. Encouraging good environmental stewardship can help a golf course to increase biodiversity, promote cleaner air and act as a watershed for urban areas.
  3. Pride and reputation: naturalising the golf course and boosting biodiversity can help transform image and generate pride and positivity among golf club members and members of the local community.
  4. Greenkeepers can prioritise: Efficiently managing the course means that greenkeepers can focus more on the areas that matter the most – tee beds, fairways, greens and bunkers.
  5. Monitor and celebrate success: reducing resource consumption, buying more locally produced goods, reducing the clubs carbon footprint, and engaging more with community are all positive effects that golf clubs can point to as success stories and potential participation drivers.

Resources for clubs and golfers

  • Golf Environment Organisation (GEO) Certification – this is a comprehensive modern certification, developed to the highest credibility standard, to help golf facilities, developments and tournaments demonstrate and be recognized for their environmental and social responsibility. Find out more here.
  • On Course for Golf Facilities – A free, easy to use online application built to help golf courses review and evaluate their current performance and material usage and evaluate it over time. Sign up for an account here.
  • Want to know more about how your local community and network can help to improve your environmental initiatives? Here is some information on engagement with the community.
  • Here are some organisations that can help with your club’s resources management.
  • 2021 marked the first year that the England Golf Awards had a Sustainability Project of the Year award. Find our more about the inaugural winner, Whitsand Bay Golf Club, and the endeavours which gave them the top prize.

Explore the directory for support from the experts

We’ve worked with Environmental Solutions International (ESi) to put together advice about resources, nature and community. If you’d like tailored support with environmental measures go to our partners and suppliers directory.