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The UK Government has confirmed that golf courses may reopen all across England on Wednesday 2 December.

Our ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe protocols for playing the game have now been revised and should once again be adopted by all affiliated golf clubs.

Please continue to check our social media channels and website for all the latest updates on golf and the Covid-19 situation.

Clubs/facilities should adhere to the guidelines provided.

These have been published to assist clubs/facilities in providing as safe an environment as they can. Failure to follow this guidance may leave clubs/facilities open to enforcement action from local authorities and/or Police, or subject to disciplinary procedures from England Golf.

Guidance may require to be re-issued as government measures to combat COVID-19 are reviewed and updated.

Playing the game

– last updated 27 November 2020

Clubs can also find an infographic below that can be downloaded for use on their facility or digital channels to help communicate the guidance to members and visitors.