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We believe golf is a game that everyone can enjoy

Play golf

We think everyone should give golf a go – whatever your age, ability or lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created a range of inclusive programmes to help you start playing, find events and take part in competitions.

To get started, search for clubs near you using our club finder. It will highlight inclusive clubs and show what events your local club offers for beginners.

Get into Golf

Golf really is a great game for everyone. It’s fun, it gets you fit, reduces stress and takes you outdoors. It’s ideal for catching up with friends and making new ones. So what are you waiting for?

To get started, get in touch with your local golf club who will be able to get you enjoying your first swing in no time.

Find and Play

Women and Girls

Did you know that only 15% of golf club members in England are female? We’re lagging behind many other European countries.

But we’re working hard to make a difference. We’ve got some great initiatives to attract more women and girls into golf and they’re working.

Women and Girls

Junior Golf

Tiger Woods was playing golf at two. Charley Hull started when she was three. Little Jake Bell in our picture is 18 months old!

It’s never too soon to start. Find out how to get your son or daughter on the tee – and who knows, you might join them!

Junior golf

Disability Golf

Golf is about your ability – not your disability or impairment. We truly believe that golf is a game for all and we’re working with clubs across the country to make sure it’s inclusive and accessible.


Girls Golf Rocks

Girls’ golf really does rock! Just ask the 5000 girls who have had a taste of the game in the last five years thanks to Girls Golf Rocks, the campaign we run with the Golf Foundation. It’s for girls aged 7-14 and it’s a fun and friendly way to learn.

Girls Golf Rocks