Most golf clubs have tried traditional forms of advertising specialist magazines or local media for example and advertising should be equally as important within your e-marketing mix. The traditional form is banner advertising...

Banner advertising
These are similar to adverts found in printed media. They work on the basis of click throughs which makes them very trackable. However, response rates can be very low even on the most targeted of websites. They are useful for getting your golf club known.

There are several ways in which banner advertising works:

•Fixed cost per month
•Number of page impressions the site receives per month
•Pay per click through to your site - working within your given budget

TIP: If you are paying a fixed cost per month, make your advert sell as many things as possible e.g. tee times, open competitions, society days. If you are paying on a pay per click basis, make sure your message is very targetted so you only pay for people who are genuinely interested and send them directly to the relevent page on your site, bypassing the home page.

Other means of advertising are:

Pay per click advertising
Similar to banner adverts but uses a much smaller ad space and is word based rather than graphic based. It is important to be very specific about what your offer is as you pay each time your link is clicked. Google adwords is a very cost effective way of advertising your tee times, opens etc. You can set your own daily budget to control costs and once it is spent your ad is turned off. Find out about sponsored links and pay per click advertising on the Google website.

Golf websites or portals are always looking for sponsorship or competitions for their users. A free golf day or a week’s free membership are high value offers which a golf club can generate quite cheaply using it’s off peak tee times. Your local newspaper website may be interested in running such a competition.

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