England Golf Strategy

We are pleased to introduce you to Growing the Game of Golf in England, our updated strategy for England Golf.
You’ll see that we’re building on the hard work and commitments of our 2014-2017 strategy and adding a fresh focus on what we believe will make the biggest difference in turning around the sport we’re so passionate about.
Please download our refreshed Strategy to read how we plan to work with clubs, counties, golfers and the public to inspire and enable more people to play – and to grow the game in England. Download your copy here.
We believe golf is a game with huge potential to thrive and the way forward is to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. If we all get better at understanding their different needs, we’ll get better at providing them with a great golfing experience. That will mean more new players, more committed members and stronger clubs and counties.  
Above all, we want to get more women and girls into golf. Currently, only 15 per cent of club members are women and just one per cent are girls. But, there’s a huge appetite among women for golf. Research tells us that 640,000 women and girls are interested in playing the sport and, last year, 43% of the beginners introduced to the sport by Get into golf were female. 

Among the other challenges we face is the need to improve the image of the sport and to do much more to promote its many benefits. We will also continue our work to run outstanding championships and events for golfers of all ages and abilities, to support and develop elite players, and to promote excellent governance. 
We are building on firm foundations. When we developed our first national strategy in 2014, membership was declining, the perception of the game was managing and many clubs were facing problems. By working in partnership to raise our game we: 
  • introduced over 427,000 people to golf for the first time
  • attracted almost 32,000 new club members as a result of our initiatives
  • generated over £25m for golf cubs through new members
  • supported over 15,000 national, regional and county squad players 
  • organised over 150 championships and events across the country 
  • supported four counties to merge their 
It’s a great start, but there is still much to be done. Please read our strategy and find out how we can work together to inspire more people to play and to grow the game of golf in England. Download your copy here.
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