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Resources for Clubs

Membership Campaign

‘Membership: Give it a Shot’ has been created to assist you with your marketing and promotion of your club and the benefits of membership to potential and existing members.

As well as a National Campaign celebrating club membership, we have also built a suite of guidance documents and customisable resources which are available for you to download and can be tailored to the unique benefits of your golf club.

Start by downloading the Campaign Playbook and watching the Promotional Video which explains the details of the campaign.

Download campaign playbook

Club checklists

How well do you recruit members? Work through our diagnostic checklist to assess your club’s current member recruitment practice. Access support in any of the areas covered by contacting your local Club Support Officer.

Download recruitment checklist

Keeping members in your club is essential to maintaining healthy membership levels. Use our Retention Checklist to review what you are currently doing. Our team of Club Support Officers is on hand to support in any area covered.

Download retention checklist

Campaign logos

If you already produce marketing material to recruit new members but still want to be connected with the National Campaign then you can download the logos below. It comes in six different colours so you can select a colour that works best with your club crest.

Download logos

Campaign Messages

Our Club Support Officers have created some suggested messages that can help you bring to life the benefit of being a member at your golf club. Whether you pride yourself on having a brilliant quality golf course that’s playable all year round, or you have a buzzing social environment then we are designing some options for you.

How to use the assets
There is a space to add your club crest so you can make it personal to your golf club, and an editable section for you to write what makes your golf club appealing to new members. However, if you want to completely design your own message then you can use the fully editable poster below. We’ve created a guidance document to show you how to use these resources.

Download the guidance document

Retention Resources

If you’re looking to promote the benefits of golf club membership to your existing members and make sure you retain their membership year on year then download the poster and social media graphics below.

Download Retention Resources

Fully Editable Resources

These posters and social media graphics are fully editable and you can set your own personal message and an explanation of the benefits of being a member at your golf club. Download the posters and have a go yourself, or speak to your local Club Support Officer who will work with you to tailor the message to your club.

Download fully editable posters

Additional Resources

We have created a range of resources that are pre-populated with messages to help you create your own recruitment campaign for use on social media or out in the local community. Download the posters and social media graphics below and have a go yourself, or speak to your local Club Support Officer who will work with you to tailor the message to your club.