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The new Rules of Golf are now in force

Rules of Golf

The Rules have changed to make the game easier to understand and more welcoming for new players.

The new Rules include changes to:

  • Dropping procedure
  • Measuring in taking relief
  • Removing the penalty for a double hit
  • Balls lost or out of bounds

You can read the official 2019 Rules of Golf at The R&A website.

Rules of Golf education

England Golf offers three levels of rules education, using R&A teaching resources.

At each stage, there is the opportunity to sit an exam which is recognised nationally by England Golf and throughout The R&A’s jurisdiction.

Club presentations

England Golf also has presentations available which club officials can use to tell their members about the new Rules. To request these presentations please contact

R&A Level 1 Online Rules Academy

This online academy is now available, click here. It covers the most common Rules situations and leads to the official R&A Level 1 exam.

Level 1 seminars:

Level 1 Rules Seminars are held over one day and run by a county, in conjunction with England Golf.

There are currently no Level 1 Rules Seminars scheduled

Level 2 seminars:

Usually, Level 2 Rules Seminars are held over two days and run by a county or region, in conjunction with England Golf.

Due to the regional and nationwide restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, this is not currently possible.

However, England Golf are pleased to be able to offer an Online Level 2 Seminar, starting at the end of January.

The seminar will be divided into 3 sections and presented over three consecutive weeks. Delegates are required to attend all three sections of the seminar in order to complete the course.

To gain the Level 2 qualification, delegates must take the Level 2 online exam. The link to the exam shall be emailed to all attendees, along with a Level 2 exam preparation document. A deadline for taking exam shall be set, after which time the link to the exam will expire.

Please click on each section below to register for the whole course.

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

Level 3 seminars:

Level 3 seminars are held over three days and are run by The R&A.