Golf tips for hitting a better drive

Image of golf pro driving ball

Read our golf tips for hitting a better drive to make sure you find more fairways from the tee.

Hitting a long and controlled drive is hugely satisfying, while it also benefits your position for your next shot.

In contrast, whether it’s a slice, hook, duff or shank, nobody wants to be reaching for their second ball as their first drive plunges deep into the rough or out-of-bounds.

So whether you’re averaging 150 yards or 350 yards with the big stick, try implementing these simple golf tips for hitting your drive that little bit better.

Golf tips for hitting a better drive video

Click or tap play on the video below to watch Woodhall Spa Golf Club professional Adam Keogh’s top tips for hitting a better drive.

Driving tips – tee height

  • The first part of hitting a better drive comes before you even have a club in your hands!
  • Tee the ball high so when your club is in the address position, half of the ball is above the face of your club and half is on the face of your club.
  • Aim to sweep the ball off the tee and into the air. Teeing the ball too low can encourage you to hit down on to the ball.

Driving tips – ball position in your stance

  • To encourage sweeping the ball into the air, make sure the ball position is at the front of your stance.
  • The ball should be teed in line with your lead shoulder.
  • You may benefit by practising with a cane on the floor, going from the heel of your front foot, between your legs and underneath your leading shoulder.

Driving tips – body position

  • With tee height and ball position in your stance improved, the third and final focus is on the swing itself.
  • A common mistake from amateur golfers is that their chest moves down and forward towards the ball as they swing through to hit it.
  • Make sure your chest remains centred throughout the swing to encourage an upward blow on to the ball enabling a high launch.

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