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Golf tips and advice

Improve your game

Whether you’re a beginner to golf or an experienced golf club member, there is always room to improve your game and shave a few shots from your handicap.

We’ve spoken to our England Golf performance coaches and PGA Professionals across England to ask them for the best tips for improving your golf.

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Improving your golf game

  • Golf tips for chipping – find out more about how changes to body position, ball position and swing movement can impact your chipping accuracy.
  • Golf tips for driving – find out how to hit better and longer drives by making small changes to your tee height, body position and swing.
  • Golf tips for striking the ball – find out how focusing on your body position and your weight transfer can help you strike the ball cleaner off the fairway.
  • Golf tips for fixing a slice – find out how small changes to your grip, swing path and alignment can help you hit more fairways and avoid the dreaded slice.
  • Golf tips – find out how avoiding compounding your errors can make a big difference to your average scores.