Dropped ball from an artificially surfaced path

Golfer with feet on path after a dropped ball

A golfer has dropped his ball after landing on a path, but his feet are still on the path for his next swing.

You are the ref in this golf rules quiz, and the golfer needs your help on the correct ruling.

Click or tap play on the video below to watch the scenario play out, and view three different options.

Rules quiz scenario

A player’s ball lies on a path and they realise they are entitled to a free drop away from it as it is artificially surfaced. They see a nice area of ground where they want to drop.

The player puts a tee marker down on the ground where the ball lay, picks up their ball, then drops it while standing on the path.

It lands on a spot where the ball is no longer on the path but their feet are still standing on the path.

Which one of the three options will you make as your ruling?

Ruling Option 1

  • The ball was dropped in the wrong way because the player still has interference from the path.
  • The player must drop again. If there is still interference, they should place the ball at the spot where it first touches the ground in the relief area.

Ruling Option 2

  • The ball is no longer on the path so the player can play the ball if they want.
  • Alternatively, the player can take another drop as they now have interference in their stance.

Ruling Option 3

  • The ball was dropped on the wrong side of the path, as it wasn’t the nearest point of relief.
  • The incorrect drop is cancelled, and the player should drop again, finding the correct reference point for the nearest point of complete relief.

So what is the correct ruling? Click or tap play on the video below to find out.