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Handicaps & Rules

Whether you’re a new golfer learning the rules, a player polishing your knowledge or a member with a handicapping question, you’re in the right place.

At England Golf, we make it easy to find the tips and advice you need so you can boost your understanding of the game and head out onto the course with confidence.

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Rules of Golf

The rules have changed to make the game easier to understand and more welcoming for new players.

The new rules include changes to:

Dropping procedure

Measuring in taking relief

Removing the penalty for a double hit

Balls lost or out of bounds

Rules of Golf


Everything you need to know about handicapping – from reviews to non-qualifying scores


Golf tips to improve your game

Whether you’re aiming for a 10-shot improvement to your handicap, or simply sharpening up your technique around the greens, read our tips and advice from England Golf performance coaches and PGA Professionals to help you improve your golf game.

Improve your game

'You Are The Ref' golf rules quizzes

Do you think you’re a master of the rules of golf? Are you the one always settling arguments on the course with a definitive and assured assessment?

Put your expertise to the test by trying one of our ‘You Are The Ref’ golf rules quizzes.

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