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Downloads to help your club manage the World Handicap System

Club resources

This page is dedicated to providing resources for clubs to help understand and manage their club details for the World Handicap System.

Below you can find links to downloads which include application forms for making alterations to tee sets, course ratings, temporary ratings and more. Follow these quick links to access the relevant resources:



WHS Club Platform Access Rules of Handicapping guide
Frequently Asked Questions WHS Club Toolkit
Change Request Resources Educate your members
Exceptional Score Reductions Penalty Scores
Winter Golf Checklist Handicap Review Guidance
Acceptable Score Submissions Licensed Independent Software Vendors
Mixed Tee Calculator

WHS Club Platform Access

To access the club administration area on the World Handicap System platform, follow the link below:

WHS Club platform access

You can also find a handy WHS Golf Club Platform Guide to support you in updating your club’s details on the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to a number of club-related queries on the World Handicap System below:

World Handicap System Club FAQs

We have also compiled a number of club-related queries based on frequent questions we have received around usage of the My England Golf app:

World Handicap System Club App FAQs


Change Request Resources

These resources have been developed to allow clubs to apply for changes to their tee, course and club data on the World Handicap System:

Rules of Handicapping guide

You can download the new Rules of Handicapping document and the reference guide using the links below. England Golf are also making printed copies of the Rules of Handicapping available to golf club officials only. Orders will be limited to one rule book and a maximum of 50 player’s reference guides per golf club. You can request this using the link below, orders placed will be sent out, Covid regulations permitting, within 14 working days.

Rules of Handicapping Order Form

World Handicap System Club Toolkit

The toolkit has been created to help you, the golf clubs, educate your members on the key changes brought about by the introduction of the new World Handicap System. The toolkit contains over 100 resources for you to use.

Download WHS Club Toolkit

Educate your members

We’ve also provided content to help you teach the members at your club about the WHS. These come in the forms of presentations, posters, TV screen graphics and social media resources which you can download below:

Additional WHS Club Resources

You can also find further resources below for:

– Hierarchy of queries

– Committee roles and responsibilities

– WHS glossary of terms