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Club governance

Ensuring good governance procedures are in place will help your club to make the right decisions. This will safeguard the future of the golf club and benefit members, visitors and even the community.

This film sums up in 30 seconds what governance means for a golf club.


Golf clubs that focus on their governance practices are often ahead of the curve and in a strong position to face the ever-changing challenges that emerge. These include shifts in membership preferences, changes to local government policies and obligations and evolving communications platforms.

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Excellent governance can be defined as:

  • putting in place policies, procedures and processes to meet legal requirements
  • taking responsibility for setting your own standards, driving your own improvement
  • continually developing the culture of your organisation

Check out the film to find out why governance has never been so important.

Case Study - St. Ives GC

Turning the tide at St. Ives. After moving the club to a new location England Golf helped them get their house back in order