England Golf supports clubs with resources on World Parkinson’s Day

England Golf has re-affirmed its commitment to helping golfers with Parkinson’s enjoy the sport by providing clubs with the support and resources needed to recruit and retain members from this growing community of players.

Around 145,000 people in the UK live with Parkinson’s and today marks World Parkinson’s Day.

Many golfers in England are currently diagnosed with Parkinson’s and this number is, sadly, growing all the time.

One in 37 people alive today in the UK will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s in their lifetime.

Every hour, two more people are diagnosed. That’s the same as 18,000 people every year.

However, developing the neurological condition does not automatically mean an end to a player’s ability to enjoy the game.

England Golf continues to work closely with Parkinson’s UK and affiliated clubs to promote golf as a hugely important way for members of that community to enjoy a safe form of physical exercise in a welcoming environment.

The inclusion of golfers with a disability is an important aspect of our ‘Give it a Shot’ membership campaign, promoting golf as a game for anyone and everyone.

Equality and inclusion lies at the heart of everything England Golf do to encourage the growth of the game in this country. It is key to the future of the sport.

By helping our clubs and facilities understand their members and guests, and by encouraging open communication, the golfing experience can be improved for all participants.

The following assets are freely available and have been distributed to our 1,800 affiliated golf clubs.

Jamie Blair, diversity and inclusion manager at England Golf, said: “It’s really important that we continue to talk about ways to improve access to the game for all groups in society and act on these discussions.

“This is especially important to those people who have developed a health condition and worry that their involvement in the game will have to end.

“That’s not necessarily the case and there are some fantastic examples from around the country of groups that have been set up to keep players with Parkinson’s or other degenerative conditions active in the game they love.

“Golf remains a sport which can be adapted to suit individual needs and allow life-long golfers or newcomers to play and be active in a socially uplifting, healthy, outdoor setting.

“Clubs that can adapt to the needs of a golfer with Parkinson’s will make a huge difference to that individual’s life at a time when they need support the most.”

As part of England Golf’s vision for the future, our ‘Course Planner’ for 2021-2025 has equality and diversity as a golden thread running through all aspects of the strategy.

Clubs in England can continue to show their support for these values by signing up to our Diversity and Inclusion policy – with our network of club support officers on hand to help with this process and provide more information.


  • For more information on Parkinson’s UK and World Parkinson’s Day please click here