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Women in Golf Charter

The R&A launched the Women in Golf Charter in May 2018, supported by England Golf and other organisations from across the industry.

What is the purpose of the Women in Golf Charter?

  • To encourage more women and girls to play the game and join clubs
  • To inspire more families to enjoy golf as a group leisure activity
  • To open up more opportunities for women to work within the golf industry

How can clubs get involved?

England Golf encourages clubs and counties to sign up to the Charter and has provided a list of potential commitments. These mean we are all working together to achieve the overarching aims of the Charter.

A club or county can select as many commitments as they wish. They just need to make sure they have tangible measures and timescales linked to each commitment. Providing baseline measurers when making your commitments will help to demonstrate the impact of becoming a Charter signatory.

We have created a step-by-step guide for clubs and counties to become a charter signatory:

  1. Download the toolkit.
  2. Register your interest in becoming a Women in Golf Charter signatory via the online form below.
  3. Formulate your club commitments using templates your England Golf Club Support Officer will provide you after you’ve registered. You can also use our step-by-step guide to assist your progress.
  4. Share your draft with your Club Support Officer who will help finalise your charter.
  5. Once completed, England Golf will send you a certificate and branding to demonstrate your Charter signatory status. We will also provide further support to help deliver your commitments.

If you have any feedback or questions contact

Current Women in Golf Charter Signatories

You can view the current list of club and county signatories here and see what commitments they have made.

   List of club and county signatories

#FOREeveryone campaign

In November 2020 The R&A, backed by England Golf, unveiled the #FOREeveryone campaign.

This new campaign builds upon the introduction of the R&A’s Women in Golf Charter two years ago to give counties, clubs and facilities further information and resources to start making changes that can encourage more women and girls into golf.

This is just the start of a long-term drive to bring more women and girls into the game. A full consumer campaign has been designed and will launch to full effect in 2021.

The campaign will encourage facilities and organisations to sign up to the Women in Golf Charter and work towards the achievement of their own ‘Charter Commitments’. Promotional assets will be made available to those signatories to assist in achieving those commitments, while best practice examples will be regularly shared.

#FOREeveryone is a necessary approach to change the culture of golf, challenging some of the prevailing stereotypes and behaviours, which could safeguard the game for future generations through increased participation and improved operations.

 Download Resources from The R&A Portal

England Golf – Our role in promoting the Charter

The R&A is committed to leading change and England Golf was one of the first organisations to sign the Charter and pledge its support for:

  • A stronger focus on gender balance across the industry
  • Commitment from national federations and organisations to support measures to increase participation of women, girls and families in golf
  • Positive action to support the recruitment, retention and progress of women working at all levels of the sport
  • Annual targets for national associations for participation and membership
  • An inclusive environment for women and girls within golf

 Read England Golf charter commitments