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Club membership resources

Retention Resource Hub

Our retention resource hub contains everything you need to get started with implementing change at your club.

Using the guide as a reference point you can go straight to the stage that requires the most action and find useful resources to support your work.

Don’t forget, your Club Support Officer is available to guide you through and help you to identify the areas to focus on.


Membership Director/Chair Role Descriptor

A template that can be used and adapted to suit your needs and assist you in defining with the club who oversees and leads your membership work.

Stage 1

Member profiling guidance

Support to get started with segmenting your membership and the first steps in understanding the various different types of golfer within your club.

Stage 2

New member retention programme

Guidance that sets out the people and practises required to implement a successful programme to integrate new members to your club.

New member tracker

A simple but effective way to track the ways in which a new member connects to the various different elements of the club upon joining.

Stage 3

Survey timeline plan

When launching your club survey, use this easy to follow timeline to ensure maximum response rate and an effective review process.

Understanding your survey results

Guidance notes on the key terminology used in satisfaction surveys and how to make the most of your findings.

Stage 4

Member benefits analysis

A tool to use when reviewing your current membership offer and the benefits associated with each category, including ideas to enhance your offer.

Stage 5

Template communications plan

A template you can adapt to plan all communication with your membership.

New member communications plan

A tracker to ensure all new members receive the appropriate communications relevant to their stage of induction to the club.

Stage 6

Renewal letter guidance

An template which provides an outline structure and suggestions of content to include in your annual renewal letter.

Renewal countdown plan

An easy to follow plan to help structure your renewal communication and activity.

Stage 7

Buddy system guidance

How to successfully implement and operate a buddy scheme at your club.

Volunteer recruitment guidance

Support with how to recruit more volunteers and utilise the England Golf resources available.

Mastering the data

The retention plan

A template plan to help you get started with identifying and prioritising your retention activity.

Membership attrition calculator

Get started with tracking and analysing your membership attrition rates with this template.

Campaign assets

The Membership: Give it a Shot national campaign is designed to attract golfers into membership using some key messages – Golf is affordable, play is flexible, clubs are sociable. Using these downloadable assets and templates, you can share the message locally and attract those that are encouraged by the Give it a Shot campaign to your club.

Affordable Assets


Flexible Assets


Sociable Assets