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Growing the game for the future

Junior golf

Junior Golf Strategy for England in collaboration with the Golf Foundation 2021-25

The strategy aligns with England Golf’s Course Planner for 2021-2025 and will be delivered in collaboration with colleagues at the Golf Foundation.

The Junior Golf Strategy has three main objectives at its heart:

• Increase the profile of golf in schools and communities

• Support the transition from programmes into club-based activity

• Develop the workforce supporting junior golf

England Golf will focus on a number of key areas tying in with the core aims of the Course Planner; to lead, energise and support, inspire and deliver for all golfers.

England Golf will:

LEAD through strong governance and integrity – By collating improved data and insight, promoting SafeGolf, opening up access to facilities for junior golfers, producing resources and sharing examples of good practice for junior sessions.

ENERGISE AND SUPPORT the golf community – By increasing visibility of junior golf, introducing a junior element to the ‘Give it a Shot’ membership campaign, developing junior content within our Learning and Development plan, building a database of junior contacts at clubs, and collaborating with other golf industry stakeholders.

DELIVER a more inclusive and accessible sport – By targeting initiatives with the Golf Foundation, designing initiatives to be more accessible to a diverse range of people, aligning with key national campaigns to make sure juniors are considered, and offering guidance for clubs to provide access to disabled golfers.

INSPIRE current and future generations – By engaging and training with junior captains, piloting a junior girls’ pathway in three counties, growing opportunities in events for junior golfers, and developing our existing Young Ambassadors’ network.

Underpinning the strategy is also a pledge to engage and listen to the views of young golfers while also creating a club support section specifically to support the growth of junior golf.

In addition, an audit and map of the current junior golf landscape will be produced in order to better inform future decision-making.

Understanding Your Junior Market

A new guide to help golf clubs gain greater understanding of young people and to attract them into the sport has been produced by England Golf.

Understanding Your Junior Market has been created to help reverse the trend. It forms part of a raft of measures identified in the wider national Children and Young People Plan “Growing the Game for the Future” which is supported by the Golf Foundation and the Professional Golfers’ Association.

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