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Printable templates

Here you’ll find a range of print templates with different designs and messages.

All marketing materials are downloadable below.

Word documents

Our editable Word templates make it easy for you to create your own posters and include your golf club name and logo. These are great for you to edit and print yourselves.


  1. Right click on this white box and select ‘Change Picture’, select club logo from wherever it is saved locally. This will then be embedded into the poster.
  2. Select text box and update it with the activity and contact details. Don’t forget to add day, date, time and price and who to contact.


  • Choose an image that works well with the type of activity being promoted.
  • Try and match your club logo with the England Golf logo on the poster you choose; either on a white or transparent background.
  • Club logos should be clearly visible, and not be squashed or stretched.

Editable PDFs

Our editable PDF templates work in the same way as our Word documents but they are designed to be printed professionally. The print process means the colours will not be as bright as when used digitally, but we have worked hard to ensure that we have as bright a combination as possible.


  1. Select text box and update it with the activity and contact details. Don’t forget to add day, date, time and price.
  2. Once saved, these are ready to send to your local printer

Top tips

  • First and foremost, put them on your own noticeboard. We know from our insight that many new players know someone who has or is playing the game. Promoting to your existing members is a great opportunity for free promotion. You could offer a treat to any members who recommend a new player to Get into Golf session.
  • Display locally, for example at doctors’ surgeries, toddler groups, schools, community groups, hairdressers and gyms. Remember to select images that represent your target audience, for example, females to promote a women-only activity.
  • We recommend you promote your activities at least 6-8 weeks prior to the start date. For larger activities or events (Open Days) this should be longer.

Roadside and pull up banners

To complete the suite of assets, additional pull-up and roadside banners have been created.


  1. Download artwork
  2. Select from the images available
  3. Advise your printers of the text you wish to include. We recommend limiting the text to key information only. Also attach your golf club logo and chosen PDF.

Top Tips

  • We recommend including only key information. People will only have a short time to read this information.
  • If you want longevity we recommend your information is not date specific.
  • Roadside banners should be situated in high-traffic areas. Make sure you have the necessary permission from the landowner and council.
  • Place pull up banners in your golf club reception area, they are attention grabbing and can indicate to your members and visitors that you are an open and inclusive golf club.
  • You can also use your pull up banners as part of any outreach work. Take it along next time you visit the local schools or community events.