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What motivates people to give up their time

How to recruit volunteers

To find volunteers, you need to understand why people give up their time to support golf.

This might depend on their background, but many people tell us they want to give back to the game or that they love the sport and its benefits.

Read about our volunteer research with Manchester Metropolitan University.

Recruiting volunteers at your club

There are lots of different ways you can encourage people to volunteer at your club and promote opportunities. We suggest you:

  • Start informal – encourage people to help informally at events first
  • Advertise opportunities – use e-flyers, posters, newsletters, your website and social media
  • Write a role description – our templates will help you describe who you’re looking for
  • Share stories – promote the hard work of your volunteers
  • Events – talk about volunteering at awards evenings and social functions
  • Spread the word – get volunteers and staff to talk about volunteering
  • Ask questions in your annual survey – ask about willingness to volunteer and any relevant skills or experience