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Women in Golf Charter

The R&A launched the Women in Golf Charter in May 2018, supported by England Golf and other organisations from across the industry.

The Charter is designed to:

  • Get more women and girls playing golf and joining clubs
  • Inspire more families to enjoy golf as a leisure activity
  • Encourage more opportunities for women to work in golf

If the Charter achieves its aims there will be substantial economic benefits for golf. But success will depend on a real shift in culture.

The R&A has committed to leading this change and England Golf was one of the first organisations to sign the Charter and pledge its support for:

  • A stronger focus on gender balance across the industry
  • Commitment from national federations and organisations to support measures to increase participation of women, girls and families in golf
  • Positive action to support the recruitment, retention and progress of women working at all levels of the sport
  • Annual targets for national associations for participation and membership
  • An inclusive environment for women and girls within golf

England Golf commitments to the Women in Golf Charter

England Golf was one of the first signatories of the Charter and is committed to growing the women and girls’ game.

Our strategic plan, Growing the Game in England 2017-2021, recognises that women and girls offer the biggest potential growth area for the game.

We want to recruit, retain and support women and girls across all levels of the game and are committed to:

  • Increasing the proportion of females playing golf in England from 17% to 20% by 2021
  • Running innovative recruitment campaigns such as Get into Golf and Girls Golf Rocks
  • Improving performances in the World Amateur Rankings
  • Achieving the advanced level of the equality standard for sport through our equality and diversity action plan
  • Encouraging more female involvement at every level of England Golf
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to female leadership, with at least 30% board representation
  • Supporting at least 50% of counties in England to unify their unions and associations for the benefit of all their golfers
  • Encouraging golf clubs and counties in England to sign up to the Women in Golf Charter and to share progress annually with England Golf

How can clubs get involved?

England Golf encourages clubs to sign up to the Charter and has provided a list of potential commitments. These mean we are all working together to achieve the overarching aims of the Charter.

Download the template commitments below.

Once your club has made its commitments you will need to:

  • Recruit a club champion(s), male or female, who will support and monitor the commitments and act as a main point of contact.
  • Assign timescales to each commitment.
  • Link all commitments to your club’s business plan.
  • List your commitments as shown in the attached template, using your own club’s headed paper.
  • We recommend clubs share the commitments with their membership to gain their support.
  • Email a signed copy of your commitments to your England Golf Club Support Officer, together with contact details for your Charter champion(s).
  • After you’ve confirmed your commitment to the Charter please promote this through your own networks, including website and social media channels.
  • Your club’s commitments will be listed on the England Golf website.
  • Your England Golf Club Support Officer will act as your first point of contact to answer any queries and help access appropriate support.

Women in Golf Charter – Signatories


   View the full list of club and county signatories here