#WhyIGolf 2020 – A career and life consumed by golf

To say that golf is a huge part of Jess Hedderman’s life would be an understatement.

As a teenager, Jess took up the game before studying for a degree in applied golf management studies at Birmingham University.

Now she is the Account Director for Performance 54, one of the industry’s foremost golf marketing and consultancy groups with clients including England Golf and The R&A.

Oh, and Jess’ two year-old daughter has just taken possession of her first set of plastic clubs!

“My little girl has good hand-to-eye co-ordination so she’s getting involved now too,” joked Jess.

It’s no surprise that the love of the game has been passed on to the next generation.

Jess’ background made that inevitable and more and more women are now following suit and becoming involved in not only the playing of the game, but making a career in sport.

“I came into golf relatively late,” added Jess. “But now it’s a massive part of my life. I’m so passionate about my golf and my career in golf.

“My dad Neville played and got me started and and my mum Karen and sister Hattie also play so it was great at times to be able to enjoy the game as a family.

“I started playing aged 14 and then went on to study golf management at Uni.

“I did my PGA coaching badges and was down to a handicap of five, but knew that I didn’t want to pursue a career in coaching.

“Having started off my working life with TaylorMade/adidas in a customer service role I got to work with some really prestigious accounts at clubs such as Wentworth and made a lot of good contacts.

“Moving into the marketing/PR  side of things was always something I fancied and I did that at TaylorMade before I went off on maternity leave.

“That time away gave me a chance to reflect on my career and the opportunity came up to join P54 in January 2019 which was a move I jumped at.

“It’s such a fast-paced and interesting role as account director and I’m hugely fortunate to be involved in the golf industry.

“Part of my role allows to be involved with the promotion of The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter.

“This helps to promote women and girls playing the game and also to encourage them to take up opportunities to work in golf.

“In my job I’m seeing more and more women in positions of authority in the golf industry and that’s great to see.

“There’s always more to be done on that front and I’m extremely proud to be able to drive that through my own work.

“If we can roll out that message to women and girls who have or are developing an interest in the game then that augurs well for the future.”