Kathy improves her fitness with golf on prescription

Kathy improves her fitness with golf on prescription

Golf wasn’t on Kathy Jobson’s radar – until she was introduced to the sport on prescription, with amazing results for her fitness.

Her heart condition meant she needed to get more active and she became one of the first people to join an award-winning scheme.

‘Golf on referral’ was pioneered by golf operators Mytime Active, working with GPs and other healthcare professionals, and supported by England Golf and uk active.

Kathy went along to Bromley Golf Centre for a six-week series of 12 sessions and says the results have been amazing. “This has helped me see how unfit I was and do something about it,” she said.

Kathy, 72, can walk further without getting breathless, she’s got a feeling of upper body strength, her grip strength has increased, indicating greater vitality – and she loves the social side of playing golf with family and friends.

“My husband plays golf but I never considered it,” said Kathy. “I know I shouldn’t, but I thought of it as a man’s sport.”

The sessions combined advice about changing behaviour with golf lessons and Kathy has continued playing the game. She meets up with friends from her group and gets together with her family – husband, sons and grandchildren – on the course or on the driving range.

“It’s something that’s brought us all together and we can all do,” she said. “I really love being able to take part in a sport with my children, it’s fantastic.”

Kathy enjoys the feeling of well-being and comments: “I’m walking so much further. It’s difficult to walk without a purpose, but when you’re playing golf you just keep on, uphill and downhill, for the amount of tries it takes to get the ball to go where you want it!”

Mytime Active piloted the project at its Bromley and Orpington golf centres and is now extending it to its centres at Barnehurst, near Bexleyheath, Hatchford Brook in Birmingham and Dibden, Southampton. It is also hoped it will spread to other golf operators.

The scheme was recognised at the England Golf Awards 2019, where it won the Innovation Award, sponsored by Players 1st.

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