England Golf are currently out of stock of The English Version of the CONGU handbook.

Any copies purchased as of 16/5/14 are the generic version used by all the home nations.

The following clause amendments have been made by England Golf with the authorisation of CONGU.

Clause 4.5 (d) - Clause is excluded.

Clause 12 -  Clause has a wording change.

Clause 20.10 - Cause has a wording change.

Clause 21 - Change to clause January 2014.

Clause 23.3 - Clause has a wording change.

Clause 23.4 - Clause has a wording change.

Clause 23.10 - Clause has a wording change.

Clause 25 - Change to clause January 2014.

Clause 26 - Change to clause January 2014.

Full details can be found in the further information section. it is advised that you print this information for future reference. 

2012-2015 CONGU Online Version - Click Here

England Golf are the handicapping authority for all clubs and members under its jurisdiction and has the following responsibilities:

• Appoint a Committee to administer the UHS.
• Have policies for the administration of handicapping that are consistent with the fundamental principles and regulations of the UHS  and with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited.
• Have a policy to ensure that all Affiliated Clubs discharge their responsibilities under Clause 6.2.
• Establish a procedure to adjudicate upon the provisions of Clause 24 and when required appoint a Committee to perform the duties therein.
• Specify the appeal procedure to be made available to Members dissatisfied with the determination made by the Union pursuant to Clause 24.
• At its discretion, settle any dispute referred to it under the UHS, subject to clause 3.7.
• Establish within the Union conditions, restrictions and limitations to be imposed in respect of competitions deemed to be Qualifying Competitions and produce a list that must be reviewed and published annually – see also Clause 17.2(f).
• Specify the obligations to be observed by clubs and players in respect of a National Handicap Database.
• Conduct an annual audit of the handicap records of members of Affiliated Clubs with, as a minimum, a handicap of +1 [1] or better.
• Establish a Competition Scratch Score for each round of every Qualifying Competition they organise.

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