England Golf and the other Home Unions are asking Golfers and Clubs for their thoughts on the CONGU handicap system.

If you would like to participate in the research please follow the links below and complete the survey.

Club Handicap Survey
- to be completed by golf clubs

Golfer Handicap Survey
- to be completed by golfers

Any responses received by 21 November will be entered into a prize draw. (Either you or your golf club must be in England for you to qualify)

Please note: You do not have to be a golf club member to participate in the survey.

To view the online version of 2012-2015 CONGU system Click Here

England Golf are the handicapping authority for all clubs and members under its jurisdiction and has the following responsibilities:

• Appoint a Committee to administer the UHS.
• Have policies for the administration of handicapping that are consistent with the fundamental principles and regulations of the UHS  and with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited.
• Have a policy to ensure that all Affiliated Clubs discharge their responsibilities under Clause 6.2.
• Establish a procedure to adjudicate upon the provisions of Clause 24 and when required appoint a Committee to perform the duties therein.
• Specify the appeal procedure to be made available to Members dissatisfied with the determination made by the Union pursuant to Clause 24.
• At its discretion, settle any dispute referred to it under the UHS, subject to clause 3.7.
• Establish within the Union conditions, restrictions and limitations to be imposed in respect of competitions deemed to be Qualifying Competitions and produce a list that must be reviewed and published annually – see also Clause 17.2(f).
• Specify the obligations to be observed by clubs and players in respect of a National Handicap Database.
• Conduct an annual audit of the handicap records of members of Affiliated Clubs with, as a minimum, a handicap of +1 [1] or better.
• Establish a Competition Scratch Score for each round of every Qualifying Competition they organise.

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