Rules Schools

England Golf are introducing The R&A Rules Education Programme to enable members and officials of affiliated golf club and counties the opportunity to receive a Rules training programme that is recognised throughout the R&A’s jurisdiction.

The R&A’s Rules Education programme consists of a three-tiered approach with the potential for delegates to graduate through the stages to develop their Rules knowledge.

The Level 1 Introductory Rules School will be available primarily to golf club officials who have limited or no formal Rules qualification but are involved in running competitions or answering Rules questions at their club. In addition, where spaces allow, the Level 1 Introductory Rules School will also be available to members of affiliated golf clubs who are interested in both developing their Rules knowledge and assisting within their clubs.

The Level 2 Rules School will be available primarily to county officials, particularly those involved in administration or refereeing at county tournaments. Level 2 Rules School attendees will be expected to have a good level of Rules knowledge, demonstrated by either a Level 1 qualification or similar, such as an England Golf County Rules School qualification. In addition, where spaces allow, the Level 2 Rules School will be available to club officials who have gained the Level 1 qualification and are interested in progressing to Level 2 and assisting at county tournaments.

The Level 3 Tournament Administration and Referees School is primarily aimed at officials who are involved in administration and refereeing at national tournaments and is currently via invitation only. In the future, if spaces allow, the Level 3 TARS may be available to County officials with a Level 2 qualification who are interested progressing to Level 3 and assisting at national tournaments.

For club members who are keen to learn more about the Rules, the primary tool to use is the R&A Online Rules Academy.

In addition, if a club would like to organise an informal Rules session for the benefit of their members, please contact England Golf at who will arrange for an experienced and qualified national championship Referee to come and conduct this.

Upcoming Rules Schools in England

R&A / England Golf Level 1 Rules Schools
Date: Thursday December 8th, 2016
Venue: The Gog Magog Golf Club, Cambridgeshire
Who can attend: Initially for officials from golf clubs, subject to demand. To enter: Click here

To register your interest in future Level 1 Rules Schools: Click here

NB. The R&A / England Golf Level 2 Rules School is different to the England Golf County Rules School, therefore it cannot be said that a County Rules School qualification is equivalent to a Level 2 qualification.

However anyone who has already achieved a 'County Referee' qualification via distinction at a County Rules School will retain this.

Whilst there is no requirement for those who have a current 'County Referee' qualification to re-qualify via a Level 2 Rules School, the Level 2 Rules School is an opportunity for anyone involved in County tournaments to enhance their Rules knowledge and gain a qualification that is recognised throughout the R&A's jurisdiction.

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