England Golf Strategic Plan


England Golf has developed a new and ambitious strategic plan to tackle golf’s challenges and create an even brighter future for the sport.

Golf is big business. It makes a contribution of £3.4 billion a year to the English economy. It is the fifth largest participation sport in the country. It has a structure of volunteers and paid staff at club, county and national level that is the envy of many other sports.

But golf also faces some serious challenges. The number of golf club members has been declining since 2004 and this has put a financial strain on many golf clubs. Overall participation in golf has also been declining steadily since 2007.

This strategy sets out ways to ‘raise our game’ to address these challenges by working in partnership with all who care about our sport.

It will inform the future work of the board, committees and staff of England Golf, the county unions, associations and county golf partnerships, the clubs and volunteers. It will also help to shape the way we work with national and local partners.

Hundreds of individuals and organisations have contributed to this strategy and there is strong support for the creation of a single vision, shared ambitions and a clear strategy. 

Inspiring lifelong involvement in golf

England Golf at the heart of a network of partners, empowering and supporting a thriving community of golf facilities and golfers and widely recognised as being a forward thinking and successful organisation.

> To increase the number of people who play golf at least once a week from the baseline of 750,000 in 2014 to 910,000* by March 2017
> To reverse the decline in club membership which has been occurring annually since 2005 and stabilise club membership at the July 2014 level of 675,000 members
> To strengthen the talent development pathway from club to national level, leading to even more international success for English players
> To improve communications, governance and partnerships at all levels within England Golf

Hundreds of individuals and organisations have contributed to the development of this strategy. There is strong support for the creation of a single vision, shared ambitions or goals and a clear strategy which can guide the work of many and encourage coordinated action around the key challenges and opportunities surrounding England Golf.

The strategy is built around the seven key themes or priorities that emerged strongly through the consultation process and which require coordinated action at club, county and national levels:
> MORE PLAYERS: Increasing the number of players who play golf regularly
> MORE MEMBERS: Increasing the number of players in club membership
> STRONGER CLUBS: Supporting clubs to attract and retain members and to achieve a sustainable business model
> WINNING GOLFERS: Identifying and developing talented golfers at every level, leading to international amateur success
> OUTSTANDING CHAMPIONSHIPS: Providing excellent championships and competitions for golfers of all levels
> IMPROVED IMAGE: Changing the perception of golf and improving communications within the sport
> EXCELLENT GOVERNANCE: Improving the governance, building the infrastructure and strengthening the partnerships to develop golf in England

A copy of the latest version can be downloaded here. 

We would be happy to receive any feedback you wish to provide regarding the England Golf Strategic Plan and any views and any queries  can be made by emailing strategy@englandgolf.org.

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