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Recruiting Women and Girls

England Golf are working to increase participation of women and girls in golf to 'Drive Women's Golf' and get them more involved and enjoying the game.

Statistics from the England Golf Golf Club Membership Questionnaire 2012 have shown that:

  • Female members only make up 16% of golf club membership, yet females account for over 50% of the population and are therefore a potential growth area for golf clubs to increase participation and membership.
  • Over the last 2 years, 40% of golf clubs reported a membership increase in female members (adults and/or juniors). 20% of golf clubs experienced an increase in Adult Female members and 20% of golf clubs experienced an increase in Junior Girl members.

The Recruitment & Retention Toolkit contains a variety of ideas and best practice examples which can help support golf clubs in recruiting and retaining more women and girls.

Before conducting activities to recruit and retain women and girls, England Golf advise golf clubs to produce an Action Plan, detailing the following points:

Assess the health of the golf club - conduct an audit.
Identify whether there is a need to recruit and/or retain more women and girls. Has the golf club got a range of available opportunities and membership vacancies in appropriate categories?

What is your golf club hoping to achieve?
To increase junior girls and ladies'membership and/or promote the facilities and activities available for women and girls.

What support do you have available to help achieve your aim?
Support from the ladies and junior section, England Golf, PGA Professional and County Association and County Golf Partnership.

Have you consulted with current female members/players at the golf club?
Gather opinions of what females currently like (and dislike) about the golf club and the opportunities available. It is also important to find out why women and girls have left the golf club.

Is there a need for change?
Lifestyles have changed - does the golf club need to be more flexible with it's club procedures and rules? Are there opportunities available for golfers of all ages and lifestyles?

How can we promote our opportunities?
Leaflets, posters, the media, Internet, word of mouth, through the County Golf Partnership.

Local facilities, sports/leisure centres, schools, colleges, businesses and community groups.

To discuss the recruitment and retention of women and girls at your golf club, View contact details of your England Golf Regional Development Officer and/or County Development Officer.

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