Supporting Women and Girls


England Golf are working to increase participation of women and girls in golf to 'Drive Women's Golf' and get them more involved and enjoying the game. With female membership currently standing at 15% it has been highlighted as a priority area for England Golf.

Below are a variety of resources for clubs to utilise to help grow this area:

This Girl Can
Sport England's New interactive guide helping women and girls get active. 
The interactive guide provides tips and advice on how you might work with other organisations, both inside and outside of the sport sector.

Click here to view the practical guide and summary or take a look at the relevant sections from the guide.

Golf is a game for all. Unlike any other sport, golf’s unique handicap system allows people of different abilities to play and compete together, making it a great game for women and men alike.

#ThisGirlGolfs features a series of different women and girls of all ages and backgrounds showing how they fit golf into their everyday lives and enjoy the game.

Watch all the videos at the website here

Women Factsheets
England Golf recognises how important women and girls are to the game. In order to support you and your club England Golf have produced a series of women’s factsheets.

These factsheets cover 10 key topic areas including recruitment, retention, membership, club environment, playing opportunities, websites and social media, club handicaps, volunteers, marketing and communications and an overview.  

These factsheets provide suggestions and recommendations across each of the topic areas and are supported by our recent focus group research and case studies.

The Overview factsheet will help you to develop your offer and highlight potential partners who could support you. There is also a template delivery plan included to help you.

Are you looking for ideas on Recruitment? This factsheet will provide you with internal and external recruitment suggestions for you to consider.

Do you know how to retain women members at your club each year? Here are some Retention ideas for you to consider.

What Playing Opportunities do you currently offer to women? This factsheet includes a variety of suggestions on shorter formats, social and competitive opportunities for you to choose from.

Advice and support on recruiting and retaining new women members? The Membership factsheet suggest how you can reflect the wants and needs of your target group. 

Marketing and Communication
is all about getting the right message to the right people. Some helpful suggestions on how your club can achieve this.

First impressions really count so it’s vital that your clubs Website and Social Media contains relevant content to engage with women.  

Volunteers are a great resource who can promote the benefits and value of your club while offering support to paid staff. Read this factsheet to learn more.

There are five key areas for you to consider to help create a friendlier Club Environment for women and help to reduce the barriers to participation. This factsheet will identify these and help you implement them.

Club Handicaps are a great way to help more women to play alongside fellow club members and support their integration within your club.

Golf Club Membership Questionnaire 2014
Statistics from the England Golf Golf Club Membership Questionnaire 2014 have shown that:

  • Female members only make up 15% of golf club membership, yet females account for over 50% of the population and are therefore a potential growth area for golf clubs to increase participation and membership.
  • 55% of golf clubs have reported a decrease in Adult Female membership compared to only 21% that have shown an increase. 38% of golf clubs have reported a decrease in Junior Girls compared to only 20% that have shown an increase.

Our latest Women’s Focus Group Research which details the barriers women face when playing golf. 

For the practical examples of how to implement these suggestions and recommendation please log on to England Golf Clubhouse where you will be able to access Case studies. 

To discuss these resources in more detail at your club please get in touch with your County Development Officer and/or your England Golf Regional Manager

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