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The England Golf Community is where English golf clubs talk to each other and to their Governing Body, England Golf. It is a simple, free email-based service designed to enable golf clubs to rapidly share information with each other.

Membership of the England Golf Community is open to:

All Clubs Affiliated to England Golf
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We have a problem: How would other clubs solve it?

Use the England Golf Community and you will find out! Simply type your question via this website and we will distribute it to over 1,000 golf clubs. Think of the England Golf Community as an open door for communication between you, England Golf and the 1000s of golf club colleagues in England.

To join the England Golf Community simply register on the England Golf Clubhouse, or for County officials click on the registration link above. When you do this, we will send you a confirmation email and you will start to receive England Golf Community emails. It's that simple!

  • 04.01.17

    Club Purchasing course

    We are currently looking to purchase our course from its current owner. Would be great to hear from clubs that have experienced/gone through this process. Can...

  • 04.01.17

    River Erosion

    Have any clubs had experience with River/Flooding Erosion? What steps did you take to reduce it or what partner organisations have you worked with to reach a resolution?

  • 28.11.16

    Member Loan Scheme

    We are looking to raise funds through a Member loan scheme to assist with the finance of a new irrigation system. Do any of my peers and colleagues in Club land ...

  • 20.09.16

    10 year Prepaid Membership

    My committee are currently finalising a loan arrangement for members to support our upcoming clubhouse refurbishment. In discussion it...

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