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The England Golf Community is where English golf clubs talk to each other and to their Governing Body, England Golf. It is a simple, free email-based service designed to enable golf clubs to rapidly share information with each other.

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We have a problem: How would other clubs solve it?

Use the England Golf Community and you will find out! Simply type your question via this website and we will distribute it to over 1,000 golf clubs. Think of the England Golf Community as an open door for communication between you, England Golf and the 1000s of golf club colleagues in England.

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  • 22.02.16

    Use Astro Turf ideal for course projects

    Commercial grade Astro Turf recently taken up from a mutipurpose sports pitch, it is in good condition with very little wear, pile depth...

  • 13.01.16

    Members AGM Voting

    I would like to know if there is any club that allows members to vote for rule changes at their AGM without being present, postal or other? If you have this in place...

  • 12.01.16

    Articles of Association - Permitting Electronic Voting

    Our club (a limited company) wishes to include an article to permit members to vote on-line (via survey monkey)...

  • 29.10.15

    Incorporation - Financial Implications

    I would like to ask any Clubs who have become incorporated, and who own their land, if they were subject to Capital Gains Tax and/or Stamp...

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