World Handicap System workshops start with success in Northumberland

WITH the countdown well underway to the introduction of the World Handicap System (WHS) on November 2, 2020, England Golf kicked off a series of nationwide workshops with a visit to Northumberland.

The first WHS session took place at Alnmouth Golf Club on October 9 and drew representation from around 40 local clubs.

Feedback on the workshop was positive with attendees able to watch a slide presentation showing a step-by-step guide to WHS as well as videos provided by the R&A explaining the practicalities of the new index which is being introduced under the joint auspices of the R&A and USGA.

This was followed by a question and answer session with County and England Golf officials which allowed representatives to gain a further insight into WHS.

In the months ahead, Counties and handicap advisors the length and breadth of the country will help England Golf set up similar workshops to allow attendees to avail themselves of the facts and then return to their clubs and address members’ meetings.

Mike Greener, Handicap and Course rating co-ordinator with England Golf, was one of the officials in attendance at Alnmouth.

“The presentation laid out a guide to WHS explaining the reasons for its introduction and how the index will work when it is launched,” said Greener.

“Naturally, there were some specific questions from the floor which we were able to answer and these helped provide a greater insight into the new index.

“England Golf is committed to working alongside our affiliated clubs throughout this process and will continue to provide support, resources and guidance during the transition to the new system.”

Representatives who attend workshops on behalf of their clubs will be sent a copy of the slides.

Copies of the videos from the event will also be shared with clubs as part of the ongoing education programme around WHS.

WHS will unite the six current handicap indexes in operation around the world into one global system and

  • Provide a more fair and equitable system of calculating a player’s handicap.
  • Calculate a player’s handicap based on their best eight rounds from 20. These can include scores from competitive or social games played over either 18 or 9 holes.
  • Take into account the slope index and course rating of the venue where they are playing.

For further information on WHS and to discover details please click here.