#WhyIGolf – Careers: Twin passions combine for Emma

Emma Huggins has found a way to combine her passions in life  – golf and the environment – and carve out a career that draws on her knowledge of both.

Earlier this year, Emma took on the challenge of becoming England Golf’s first sustainability manager.

It’s a hugely important role given that the golf industry in a prime position to make a real difference when it comes to environmental matters.

In England, 2200 golf courses represent an area of over 1,250km² which is equivalent to the area of the Lake District National Park!

For that reason, the golf community has a responsibility to make a positive contribution on issues relating to the environment, society and the economy.

For Emma, this is a labour of love.

As a junior, Emma got hooked on golf.

In her working life, Emma has found employment with a golf club manufacturer and latterly in the field of environmental protection in America.

Now the post at England Golf allows Emma to double up on her interests and it’s a career path that she would encourage others to follow.

“Working in golf is something that I find very rewarding and would recommend,” admitted Emma.

“Opportunities to travel and work with people of all ages are two of the things that I enjoy, but more importantly, the chance to have a positive impact on a sport that has great benefits for millions of people is the main bonus of working in golf.”

England Golf has recently introduced its new sustainability plan with Emma a driving force behind the strategy.

With Emma’s guidance, England Golf pledges to lead and inspire the golfing community in vital efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

“As the sustainability manager at England Golf, I am responsible for driving sustainability across the organisation and across clubs and counties throughout the country,” confirmed Emma.

“I’ve always had a passion for golf and for the environment, so the opportunity to combine the two into a career is fantastic.

“I have played golf from the age of 11 and chose to study Geography and Environmental Science in my higher education.

“Prior to this role, I held positions in the golf industry, working for one of the major equipment companies, and also in the environmental sector, working for the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

“These experiences provided me with the skill set to help golf in England be more resilient to climate change, economic change and societal changes and be sustainable for generations to come.”

Now as she looks to the future Emma reckons there is a huge opportunity for the game of golf to make a difference.

“Golf is played in some amazing natural environments and it’s down to us all to make sure we look after these habitats where flora, fauna and wildlife all co-exist.

“Off the course, we can all play our part to make sure that we build for a sustainable future.”