Update to social distancing guidelines following government announcement (9 Sept)

Playing the game: From Monday 14 September, competitive and social golf can continue to be played in accordance with our existing ‘Play Safe, Stay Safe’ guidelines provided on-course groupings do not exceed the new legal limit of six people.

Clubhouses: Clubhouses may continue to accommodate multiple social groups provided each individual group is no larger than six people. Individual groups should not join up with others to form gatherings of more than six people and everyone must continue to follow government regulations on social distancing and sanitisation.

NB – Society and team event organisers should take special care to ensure different groups of up to six people from within their party do not merge to form larger groups before, during or after a round. Travel to and from golf venues should continue to be in accordance with government regulations. 

Golf coaching will remain unaltered from current guidance. A professional may coach up to five adults and groups of up to 15 children.